Midi Colar Dress Ettera With Assymetric Closing & Glass Buttons

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Looking to make a fashion statement? You’ll never forget the effortless beauty you felt in our audacious Midi Colar Dress Ettera With Assymetric Closing & Glass Buttons. The exotic blend of extended sleeves, diagonal button design, and vintage rope tie at the waist for the feeling of being special. This dress offers you the versatility that most don’t. You can comfortably wear it at dinner parties, social gatherings, and special events and feel as decadent as you look. Flawlessly woven together with top-of-the-line satin fabric which adds a shimmering glow of elegance.


– A beautiful and soft peach coral color

– Exotic diagonal button-up design

– Rop belt at the waist for a vintage appeal

– Masterfully woven with premium satin fabric


Material 100% Viscose


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