Anna Etter Announces Launch of Resort Capsule Collection “Dancing Soul”

Anna Etter is launching its first resort nature-inspired collection “Dancing Soul” featuring designs that celebrate elegance along with the freedom to move and being functional. This collection is directed to women who want to look their best while still being appropriate for everyday wear.

“Raised in the cold climate, I have been always excited about first summer days, seeing a new start, the nature awaking after a long Winter,” commented designer and owner of the brand Anna Etter. “Inspired by the magic long awaited feeling of stepping into the sea, breeze fresh air, walking outdoors and reuniting with the nature, the new collection features a playful vibrant color palette and shapes that Summer is bringing to our lives.’’

Made of the finest cotton fabric  with embroidered and contrasting elements and floral prints, this collection is intended to create a feeling of relaxation & unifying with nature.