Anna Etter Embraces Diversity & Individual Freedom With Summer “Free Spirit” Collection



Summertime often means temperatures rising and romance in the air. To be best prepared for this, Women’s Fashion brand Anna Etter is showcasing their latest designs in the new “Free Spirit” Collection. “Free Spirit” follows its name by putting on display a woman’s best, unique qualities, and her beautiful diversity, comfortable in her self and how that self is shown to the world. As always, the dresses are made of the highest quality material and with a greatest attention to detail. All while still being comfortable for a day or night (or both) of work, play or something in between.

“We poured our hearts into the new summer collection,” remarked Anna Etter, founder of the brand. “The combination of how the dresses look and flow plus comfort and color are things which I intend to make ‘Free Spirit’ something our customers will very much find endearing. Let’s make this summer something special together.” A combination of flowy fabrics and clean cuts that highlight the female figure are found throughout the collection. The lines color palette showcases varying shades of beige, green and brown in a combination with paisley prints.

Most of the pieces are made of natural fabrics as silk and viscose enhancing the feeling of freedom and ease while walking resembling the movements of a female body. Keeping sustainability at the core of the brand values, the collection is introducing also pieces made of Tencel fabric produced using recyclable, earth-friendly solvents adding wrinkle-resistance and the lustrous feel of a silk. All of the Vienna-based brand’s dresses are made in Europe, with care, using material and fabric hand-picked by owner and designer Anna Etter herself in a return to dressmaker tradition.